Splendid Isolation is a first novel. It documents two weeks in the life of an unnamed central character, all the insight in the world into the stream of consciousness playing out in his head but no time to even mention his name. Love and loss, youth passing and times past: the themes are universal, the intimate portrayal told at profound and engaging pace.


Jane and Marion firmfaced against the sleet. Paul cracking arthritic joints with a joke and wink and an eye on the clock. Rose finding God and the freezing snow. Andy finding Emily to save and protect. Emily finding the Knife and the Needle. Nikolai finding Ecstasy in the Antifa. Alex finding himself far from the city, helped by a wise old man, "groomed" by a man who was once a teacher but carries a dark secret. Jack finding gravity, falling forever. Gabriel Kithingee finding his singing voice and Juliana Kithingee finding boys of all age too funny, girls too cattish, adults too serious and compromised, dreaming of a land of the blind across the ocean.


In the labyrinth of subway tunnels that make up the New York City MTA, is an abandoned station. Disused since the 1950s, Myrtle Avenue was once the last stop between Brooklyn and the river tunnel into Manhattan. It exists today, on the F-train line, though the train never stops there. It's untouched, slowly decaying, still partly lit in the spasmodic shifting gloom, beneath the hustle bustle energy of the city, incarcerated, frozen in time down to the faded advertisement billboards and the Art Deco font on the water-stained walls...